Accelerate acceptance and treatment delivery.

Dr Mark HassedIn 2016 I’m running two exciting seminars — The art of case acceptance and The art of efficient dentistry.

My flagship seminar, Case acceptance, covers in precise detail how to rapidly and successfully explain treatment to patients without anxiety. Whether you want to know how to present a full mouth case or just a single unit this is the seminar for you. In this seminar, you learn everything you need to know in just one day.

My new seminar, Efficient dentistry, reveals everything that I’ve learned during my 36 years in dentistry about how to work with greater ease and time efficiency while maintaining excellent clinical quality. In it I show you the secrets of mega-productive practices and explain the paradox of how working faster is actually easier and less stressful than working slowly. Efficient dentistry is a seminar that welcomes your team.

I’ll be presenting both seminars in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, ​and Brisbane. You can see a list of the dates and register by clicking here. In Sydney and Brisbane, I’m running the seminars on consecutive days so you can do both in a weekend.

If you live in Adelaide, Darwin, Auckland, Hobart or elsewhere and would like me to bring my seminar to you click here to find out how to do it.

“Learning how to get case acceptance can change your life. It’s the ingredient that can put new life into your professional career and lift your practice to its full potential. I’ve spent decades studying and simplifying case acceptance. Please let me show you the secrets.” — Dr Mark Hassed