Case acceptance — simple, stress-free, successful.

Dr Mark HassedIn 2017 I’ll be running two exciting seminars — The art of case acceptance and a new seminar on team efficiency.

My flagship seminar, Case acceptance, covers in precise detail how to rapidly and successfully explain treatment to patients without anxiety.

Whether you want to know how to present a full mouth case or just a single unit this is the seminar for you. In this seminar, you learn everything you need to know in just one day.

The benefits of learning about case acceptance are life changing.

  • Get to regularly do your best and finest services — enjoy doing great dentistry
  • Get off the grind of patchwork dentistry and extractions
  • Cut your stress levels and make case acceptance as routine as doing a Class I filling.
  • Get over your fear of discussing the fee with patients
  • Become busier without expensive external marketing
  • Become more profitable
  • And more…

My dates for 2017 will be announced in December.

I’ll be presenting seminars in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.

If you live in Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Auckland, Hobart or elsewhere and would like me to bring my seminar to you click here to find out how to do it.

“Learning how to get case acceptance can change your life. It’s the ingredient that can put new life into your professional career and lift your practice to its full potential. I’ve spent decades studying and simplifying case acceptance. Please let me show you the secrets.” — Dr Mark Hassed