New for 2016!

Dr Mark HassedIn 2016 I’m introducing an exciting new seminar entitled The art of efficient dentistry.

In this seminar I reveal everything that I’ve learned during 36 years in dentistry about how to work with greater ease and time efficiency while maintaining excellent clinical quality.

I’ll show you the secrets of mega-productive practices and explain the paradox of how working faster is actually easier and less stressful than working slowly.

Dates for both Sydney and Melbourne have been announced (see right side of this page). The art of efficient dentistry is a seminar that welcomes your team.

The art of case acceptance

Why do some dentists thrive while others struggle?
Why is it that some dentists do comprehensive, satisfying and profitable dentistry while others do patch up work all day long?
How can some dentists explain treatment and get acceptance in two minutes while others spend 45 minutes and end up confusing the patient?

Come and spend a day with me and learn the answers…

“Nothing changes your life like learning how to get case acceptance. It’s the ingredient that can put new life into your professional career and lift your practice to its full potential. I’ve spent decades studying and simplifying case acceptance. Please let me show you the secrets.” — Dr Mark Hassed

Here are some of the things that you will learn:

  • A perfect method to present any type of case.
  • How to get instant rapport.
  • A rock-solid checklist for explaining treatment to patients.
  • Why longer isn’t better when it comes to case presentation.
  • Things not to say to a dental patient.
  • Why pressuring patients is not just ineffective but also dangerous.
  • Precisely how many treatment options to offer a patient.
  • How to present expensive treatment without alienating patients.
  • How to make complex case discussions stress free.
  • 23 case acceptance errors dentists often make and how to avoid them.
  • How to present major cases in 2 minutes and get acceptance!
  • How and when to transfer risk so you don’t get left holding the bag if something fails.
  • How and when to present the fee.
  • How to never be rejected by a patient.
  • And much more…