You need someone who gives a s#@t

 Dr Mark HassedWe've all visited great restaurants.

Their level of service is impeccable. The moment you arrive you are greeted warmly and seated. The waiters serve in a manner that is prompt and attentive but without being annoying or overbearing. The food arrives in a reasonable time and is laid out in front of the correct diners. They don't ask “Who ordered the chicken?”.

The secret to such service is having a great maitre d'. If you get service like that, then there is someone on the restaurant floor who is watching everything that goes on and maintaining standards. In short, there is someone in the restaurant who gives a s#@t.

As I travel around dental practices I can almost instantly tell if there is someone in charge of the clinical area who gives a s#@t. If I see dropped burs and rubbish on the floor then I know that there is no maitre d' in this practice. If I see nurses standing around in the steri area goofing off or moving with glacial slowness then the practice has no one in charge.

How's your service? Is there someone in your practice who gives a s#@t?

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