Dr Mark HassedEvery dentist's practicing career should be a work in progress. You should never get to the stage where you say “I've got this nailed.” You should always be looking for ways to improve your skills.

Years ago I used to regularly travel to the USA to learn from Dr Omer Reed in Phoenix. He taught a philosophy of dentistry and communication. I credit him with teaching me how the business side of dentistry works.

Greg Stanley (also from Phoenix) taught me how to manage the money I earned.

The Pankey Institute (Miami) taught me solid technical dental skills. Many dozens of other have also added small and big ideas.

Even today, I still sit through seminars for an entire day and if I get one good new idea I consider it a day well spent.

Do you have a plan for your dental CE? Are you looking to round out your dental education as opposed to just doing another endo course because that is what you are comfortable with?

Think about it. You can shape yourself by the courses you take

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