Dr Mark HassedAn email arrived in my inbox a while ago from a company offering to teach botox and fillers.

While I have no problem with a dentists taking this on, I wonder whether the ordinary dentist should.

If you decide to do botox and fillers I see two problems:

  1. Will you ever be really good at it?
    To be good at something you need to do it all the time. At least daily, preferably multiple times. If you only do a procedure once or twice a week then you are just dabbling in it.
  2. Will it displace “normal” dental work from your practice?
    Your bread-and-butter are crowns, inlays, restorations etc. If you start doing injections for a living they will displace these treatments. Will your hourly rate be as good if botox and fillers take over your practice.

Sometimes I feel dentists take on “unusual” treatments just because their appointment book is not as full as they would like.

So, here's a question to ask yourself: “If my practice was really, really busy with normal work would I still want to be doing botox and fillers?”

If the answer is “yes” then by all means do the courses and become great at it.

If the answer is “no” then develop your skills in marketing and case acceptance so you can fill your practice with normal work.


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