Dr Mark HassedYes, the title of this article is “What not to look for in dental materials.”

Before I get on to that let me give you the things to look for. If a dental rep ever wanted to speak with me they had to show me a material or piece of equipment that was better or faster than what I was using now. And, if it was cheaper as well that was a bonus.

I wasn't in the least interested if it had hydroxy bonds or a new type of filler particle or a fancy name. I primarily wanted better and faster.

But unfortunately many dentists obsess over cost. That's wrong because if a material or piece of equipment is better and faster it will pay for itself almost regardless of cost.

Recently I was in a practice where the dentist was using a 40-second curing light because they didn't want to pay for a new one. The dentist was happy to sacrifice dozens of hours of their time per year to save paying $1,400 for a new light.

The key principle to remember is: “Materials and equipment aren't expensive. Your time is expensive.”

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