Dr Mark HassedFor various reasons, in the past week I've had eye examinations by two different practitioners. One was a delightful experience and one left me cold.

The practitioner who left me cold chatted all about politics and current events. He did a whole lot of tests that took ages because of fluffing around. He took a picture of inside my eye with a very fancy machine and then spent 10 minutes describing and pointing out all that he could see on the picture. In the end I was bored because it took so long and frustrated because I had no idea if the information he was giving me was correct. To me it sounded like an attempt at justifying his fee. His recommendations were vague and full of jargon.

The second practitioner was warm, focussed and personable and he got straight down to business. No chatting about politics. He had a sense of gravitas. He looked intently in the backs of my eyes using just a strong light and a lens. He then said “Everything is fine.” No waffle, no obfuscation, no eye anatomy lesson and no attempt at justification. His recommendations were crystal clear and in plain English.

When it comes to dentistry are you the first practitioner or the second practitioner?

By the way, the second practitioner took 75% less clinical time yet charged me 20% more. And, I was happy to pay it.

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