Dr Mark HassedPart of building a team is realising that we all own the problems of the practice. There's one way I see this often violated with disastrous results.

Allowing team members to swap over with one another for lunch breaks and at the end of the day always produces dull, unmotivated performance.

Please let me explain why.

Every team member, including the dentist, should try to run on time. And, when they don't, then every team member should feel the consequences.

By swapping over for breaks team members become lethargic. They no longer care if the practice runs late because they get their normal break at the normal time regardless. It's a recipe for them not giving a damn about time keeping.

The dentist also doesn't care as much because he no longer feels guilty for the staff missing their lunch break. I think a much better and more valid system is for everyone to go to lunch at the same time.

It keeps everyone honest.

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