Dr Mark HassedLast week I received an invitation to attend a talk on photography given by someone who “specialises in family and corporate portraiture, architecture, product catalogues, event coverage and the exhibition of prints”.

It immediately struck me that if a photographer “specialises” in six different things then they don't specialise at all. They are really a general photographer who is trying to pretend to be a “specialist” in order to attract work.

The same applies to dentistry.

I have met many dentists who would love to just do high-end restorative dentistry. Yet, at the same time, they see children, extract teeth, make dentures and do patch up fillings.

If you have a passion for a particular aspect of dentistry and would like to head in that direction then you need to start limiting yourself and focus. Stop running advertisements where you say “we specialise in” and then give a laundry list of 20 items.

People do not feel happy spending $30,000 on a dental rehabilitation in an office where the waiting room floor is covered in childrens' toys.

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