Dr Mark HassedIn dental treatment rooms, space is at a premium. You're trying to fit a lot of materials and equipment into a small area and make them all easily accessible. Clutter and bulkiness are your enemies.

Yet, despite space being at a premium, most dentists use desktop computers instead of laptops. That make no sense at all.

With a desktop computer you need a cupboard to put it in. Then you need a separate monitor, a mouse and a keyboard. It turns into a cluttered mess.

Now compare that with a laptop.

With a laptop everything is in 1 compact unit. The keyboard and mouse are built in and you don't use up a cupboard. And, if you get a stand from an office supply company you can lift the laptop off the bench and free up that space too. The net result is more cupboard space, more bench space and less clutter.

In the past laptops were temperamental and expensive. Now they are reliable and cheap as chips. There is no longer any reason to use desktop computers in dental treatment rooms.

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