Dr Mark HassedThis is the last post in the trilogy where I examine ways in which dentists waste time and confuse patients.

When I see dentists consulting with patients about treatment, I am often stunned at how much pointless information is imparted.

Dentists often can't wait to explain the technical details of their work. For example I saw a dentist explain how decay spreads under the DEJ, complete with cross-sectional diagrams. Most dentists love to try and teach patients how to read x-rays.

If a patient requests this information and you have spare time then maybe OK. But in 35 years of dentistry I have never heard a patient ask me to teach them how to read x-rays.

My suggestion is to take a minimalist approach to case presentation. Constantly ask yourself whether you need to say something. With case presentation, often less is more.

Put a 5 minutes cap on your case presentations. In that way you are forced to just stick to necessary things.

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