Dr Mark HassedIn this and the next post I will examine ways in which dentists waste time and confuse patients.

Us dentists are detail people. We look for little tiny cavities and little tiny root canals. In some ways we are the opposite of broad brush.

But patients don't share our enthusiasm for minute detail. By and large patients want an overall picture, not a tooth by tooth explanation. When we do a comprehensive examination patients want to know three things:

  1. The overall condition of their mouth
  2. The options to fix things
  3. How much it will cost

If you stick to those things you can present a full mouth case in less than 5 minutes. This compares with 30-45 minutes that dentists typically take explaining every tooth in detail.

Any dentist would be wise to put a 5 minutes cap on their case presentations. In that way they are forced to just stick to the important stuff.

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