As I mentioned last week, I recently managed perhaps the largest charity art show in Australia.

It was a great success with profit up 84% from the previous year. Here are some of the things I learnt along the way.

Lesson 5: Plan and perfect your systems.

At an art show problems and questions constantly arise.

“Can I make a part payment?” “The frame of this painting is damaged.” “Can I take my painting home before the show ends?” and hundreds more.

If you don't have a system and answers worked out you can get swamped.

The same applies at a dental practice.

“How do we handle people who fail appointments?” “What do we do when people come late?” “What do we do when a tooth goes non-vital 6 weeks after we filled it?”

If, every time a problem or question arises, you have to work out the answer it all gets so tiring. Very tiring.

Conduct team meetings, discuss problems and questions and work out the answer. Put systems in place to manage all the common questions and problems.

That way, when a problem occurs, no one has to worry or stress about it. You all know exactly what to do.

Another lesson next week…


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