Recently I managed perhaps the largest charity art show in Australia.

Over 10 days our team exhibited around 1,300 works from approximately 400 artists and turned over hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I freely admit that my knowledge of art is minimal but I took on the challenge as an interest and to raise money for charity.

What I learnt I intend to share over a series of blog posts over the coming months.

But, in case you're worried, these blog posts will be about the lessons that I learnt that apply equally to dentistry (or, in fact, any business).

Things such as teamwork, staff, problem solving, decision making, systems, answering questions from the public, who to have as customers (and who not to), dealing with difficult suppliers and a whole lot more.

It has been a fascinating journey running an art show and I hope you find the lessons I take from it to be highly useful in your practice.


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