Dr Mark HassedSo many dentist arrive early at the office, work hard all day (including through their lunch break) and then stay back after work finishing off paperwork. It all seems so very hard. If you choose to be a “lazy” dentist then it doesn't have to be that way.

A “lazy” dentist works on systems and delegation of tasks in the office. A “lazy” dentist only does things they are mandated by law to do and trains their team to do the rest. In that way a “lazy” dentist can be highly productive while at the same time not working hard at all.

Imagine if you were “lazy”. All you would do would be diagnosis and treatment. Nothing else.

Take a look at one of your typical work days and see how many things you now do that you don't have to do. How many things you could train your bright and motivated team to do. Then start training and delegating.

It will make your life much easier.

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