Dr Mark HassedThe star of any show is the person who people pay money to come and see. In a dental office the “star” is the dentist.

Therefore, everything and everyone within a dental office must work to maximise the dentist's effectiveness. Many dental team members instinctively recognise this but, unfortunately, many do not.

I've been in quite a few dental offices where the nurses think that the dentist must work to their pace and adapt to their way of doing things. The nurses in such offices think that they are the “stars” of the show. The result is always unhappiness.

In one office I visited the nurses eventually stressed the dentist so much that he had a breakdown due to the pressure.

Do any of your team have the “Reverse Elvis Syndrome”? If they do, you should fix it as a matter of urgency.

Your practice will improve dramatically and you will preserve your sanity.

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