Dr Mark Hassed

Normally when I have a haircut it takes 20-30 minutes to complete.

Recently, while in Nowra (NSW) I popped into a salon for a cut. It was all done in 10 minutes and the job was perfect. I was seriously impressed.

What's this have to do with dentistry?


One of dentistry's benchmark procedures is a crown.

Typically I see dentists taking 60 to 90 minutes for the preparation. Very rarely does someone take 45 minutes and I'm yet to see a dentist (except for me) who can do it well in 30 minutes.

For years all the time I've needed to do a crown (even with a core) is 30 minutes but usually I am finished before that, typically in 20 minutes.

When I tell dentists about this they often don't believe me. They think it can't be done or that the quality must be poor.

But then I show them my preps and they realise that the quality is great. As good as any and better than most.

There are 3 crucial things to do if you want to work fast with high quality.

  1. Keep the bur on the tooth.
    Or, in the hairdresser's case keep the clippers on the hair. Don't stop all the time to admire your work.
  2. Be decisive.
    Cut the tooth (or the hair) in as few srokes as possible. Go once around the tooth once, if possible, not dozens of times as most dentists do. By the way, being decisive is kinder on the pulp.
  3. Move from one task to the next immediately.
    Plan your workflow so you don't have to stop between tasks.

Sounds simple, and it is provided you put in some thought and effort.

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