Dr Mark HassedIn 2016 I will be releasing an exciting new seminar entitled The art of efficient dentistry.

Being efficient with delivery of treatment makes an amazing difference to your practice and your life. Efficient dentists get to practice dentistry with a relaxed ease and an economy of effort while at the same time producing outstanding financial and clinical results. I’ve spent decades studying and simplifying the art of efficient dentistry.

In the seminar I will be answering some questions such as:

  • How do some dentists work effortlessly while others struggle and end the day tired and beaten up?
  • How can some dentists be 100% to 200% more efficient than the average, while at the same time maintaining high quality?
  • What are the materials, team, systems and attitudes you need to achieve this?
  • How can working faster be actually easier and less stressful than working slowly?

The seminar is suitable for dentists to attend alone but if you want really rapid implementation then please bring entire your team.

I hope that you'll attend one of my seminars in Melbourne (February 13) or Sydney (March 5) and let me show you the secrets of efficient dentistry.

Click here to download a seminar brochure.

Click here to register for Melbourne. Click here to register for Sydney.

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