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In human history there are some famous achievements that most people remember.

Sir Edmund Hillary climbing Mount Everest. Neil Armstrong landing on the moon. Roger Bannister running the 4-minute mile.

In dentistry we don't have such landmark achievements but we all turn up day after day trying our absolute best to do good, consistent high-quality work for the people we treat.

One way of measuring our effectiveness is by how long we take to do our work and a common benchmark is the crown preparation (or inlay / onlay preparation).

Typically dentists take 60-90 minutes for a crown preparation but it is possible to do it effortlessly in 30 minutes.

If you can achieve this task efficiently (without sacrificing quality) you are well on your way to being a successful dentist.

Please note well the words “without sacrificing quality”. There's no sense at all working faster if you produce garbage. Working faster only makes sense if you produce consistent high-quality.

If you can work faster with high-quality then your patients love it, your staff love it and best of all, you will love it. You get to go home earlier, earn more or both.

This article covers the basics of how the thirty-minute crown preparation is achieved.

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