What dentists are saying about Dr Hassed...

“Definitely the best CPD I’ve attended for years.”

Dr Jeevan Sivalingam, VIC

“I can honestly say it’s the best money I’ve spent on CPD (and I have gone to many, many courses). Easy to follow. Considering the potential in the clinic, best value for money course for sure.”

Dr Anita Kouba, NSW

“I’d heard rave reviews about the course and it exceeded all my expectations. Mark presented very well with a great mix of theories and examples including his own learnings in finding what works. Thank you so very much for my best CPD yet.”

Dr Danii Harvey, QLD

“Great seminar! Would highly recommend other colleagues to attend.”

Dr Kaveri Kariappa, VIC


Dr Michael Lambourne, VIC

“Mark’s forte is systematising your practice whether it be the new patient exam, case presentation or the dentistry. You’ll make more money while making your life easier.”

Dr Jason Pang, NSW

“I had the opportunity immediately to put into practice all I had learnt at yesterdays workshop. I had one lady accept a crown just like that and another case where he accepted 3 inlays and both couldn’t wait to book in. Another lady knows she needs two crowns due to having cracks in her teeth and really wants them but finances are a hurdle but I believe she will go ahead. And that was only in a 4 hour session this morning. The systems really are effective and have improved my confidence to say what is needed and why to the patient. It has also dramatically improved communication with my hygienist and the front office team. Already paid for my course and my trip to Melbourne. Can only get better from here!”

Dr Rachel Hall, NSW

“Like many dentists, communication was never my strong suit. Over the last 30 years of practice I have invested many days and tens of thousands of d0llars studying with many leading dental communication experts both locally and in the US. Mark has been able to distill and simplify all that I have learnt and more into a straighforward, non-manipulative system that is easy to use and produces great results. This seminar will unlock the door to doing the best for your patients.”

Dr Darryl Marsh, QLD

“I have been to many a conference that purports to increase case acceptance and all appear to push, scare or coerce patients into commencing treatment. Mark’s process is different! Mark’s brilliant presentation provides a real way of imparting your vast dental knowledge quickly and succinctly without wasting that most expensive and precious resource; time. No scare tactics, no wild analogies; just the truth to allow your patients to make an informed decision ethically. Importantly, that other time waster of explaining all of the possible implications and caveats, is massively simplified. This last fact alone, makes this the most important conference that I have yet to attend.”

Dr Ian Crump, QLD

“Very systematic and easy to follow method of getting case acceptance. I gained a lot from the seminar. Also, the food was fantastic.”

Dr Laura Arndt, TAS

“We have 60 years of combined dental practice between us doing mostly crown and bridge and periodontics. We thought we knew pretty much everything about patient communication and new patient examinations. After a day with Mark we both realise just how much more there is to learn. There is so much in his lecture that we can apply starting on Monday. We were so impressed and will be attending the same conference again in Melbourne.”

Dr Philip Arndt, NSW

“Excellent, concise and to the point. Dearly enjoyed the group interaction.”

Dr Kavendra Naido, NZ

“Mark has a very systematic and easygoing approach, which makes the seminar effortless to follow. I look forward to practicing stress free and profitable dentistry.”

Dr Chloe Chan, SA

“It was a very clear method to allow better and consistent acceptance of comprehensive dentistry. Mark showed how it’s possible to do not only single crowns to full mouth restoration in a consistent manner.”

Dr Faris Kirmani, NSW

“Very useful practical techniques to improve communication.”

Dr Maria Avis, NSW

“Some real pearls to achieve better case acceptance without stressing. Great to hear how to make dentistry less stressful and more profitable. Thank you Mark.”

Dr Neil Cheesman, ACT

“For me Mark’s system is sensible and doable. It’s so much easier to implement than other things I have tried.”

Dr Andrea Lakeland, NZ

“Mark’s course is so well explained and simple to understand. The systems taught in the course are easy to implement into practice. I have done Prime Practice before and found this course more useful.”

Dr Robert Lin, QLD

“Mark is a clear deliberate thinker with a gift for simplifying what’s important in practice.”

Dr Brett Taylor, NSW

“I’ve listened to Mark’s audio program previously. The day course expands on the topic and gives you the keys to deal with the questions raised by the patients that often derail and deviate your treatment plan explanation and case acceptance. I already have and use Mark’s 90 minute audio program. But this full day program expands on the systems already learnt and give you “the lines between the lines” to manage the questions, responses and patient comments that often derail your treatment plan presentation. Thank you Mark! I’m already pumped for Monday.”

Dr Eugene Khoo, WA

“Dr Hassed makes things simple and reproducible result. Great seminar with practical tips for everyday use! Highly recommended.”

Dr Jeff Lin, NSW

“Mark, you have distilled the industry experts down to simple easy steps that I can take back and use tomorrow. your method of case acceptance in non-confrontational, not pushy nor difficult.”

Dr Malcolm Cooke, NSW

“I also took Mark’s course on Saturday and found it very useful. I sent 3 of my dentists to attend the course with me and we all agreed that Mark’s concepts are easy to apply. Although Mark touched upon some of these concepts in past EPG meetings, it was great to learn more of it in depth. He has already proven that his concepts work with such an industrious dental career. Mark, congratulation and I will be sending my new dentist to your next program in Melbourne.”

Dr Dustin Pham, SA

“Dr Hassed was a pleasure to deal with and was extremely thorough in his presentation. He went through all that was required to get patients to accept complex treatment plans and the investment in his time was paid back multiple many times on just the first day back at work. My dentists were extremely motivated and I received multiple messages on the success of treatment plan acceptance by my dentists in the weeks following the customized training course.”

Dr Nauv Kashyap, QLD

“The communication skills I learnt from the course were simple, straight-forward and easily applied in practice the next day! My practice saw an immediate increase in complex and high-end treatment plan acceptances within the first week after attending your course. It certainly has been very rewarding and the course pays for itself. It is very informative even for an experienced dentist. I wish I learnt this as a first year dentist.”

Dr Lakh Sangha, QLD

“Thank you for the succinct, relevant, useful seminar. Very engaging, well-presented. The best communication course I have attended. Thank you very much.”

Dr Ailin Teo, VIC

“As a new graduate I found the seminar really useful as a systematic way to communicate simply with patients and present treatment plans and talk about cost. These are definitely skills I will implement in my dental career.”

Dr Sophie McNeil, SA

“Mark is a fantastic speaker. I like his approach as it does nor present as being ‘pushy’ to the patient. I would recommend Australian Dental Universities making his seminar part of their curriculum.”

Dr Vikash Makan, VIC

“Exceptional learning for practitioner who has poor communication skills and a great review for older colleagues who unknowingly have become complacent in their approach to case presentations. Great Value.”

Dr Walter Reid, VIC

“Great systematic approach on what is a very complex subject. Thank you!”

Dr Ksenia Fedorova, VIC

“Mark is fantastic! Straight forward ethical comprehensive way to get treatment acceptance.”

Dr Manuel Bautista, VIC

“If brevity is the source of wit then Mark is your man. Clear and concise. Warm and ethical.”

Dr Steve Dunstone, SA

“Thank you for an exceptional seminar. Practical and insightful, time-tested advice and system of communication. Thank you for the generosity in sharing.”

Dr John Tia, NSW

“Simplifies the art of case acceptance!”

Dr Jason Gray, VIC

“Best value for money. All practical tips to be taken to the practice the next day. Mark is a great presenter and makes it seem so easy.”

Dr Dinesh Rao, VIC

“I have done several courses of case acceptance. I find this simpler and easier to put in place.”

Dr Ana Maria Herrera, VIC

“Good course that sums up a mix of some courses for communication but makes it far simpler to utilise.”

Dr Emmanuel Sim, VIC

“Excellent day full of useful information.”

Dr Kevin Siebel, WA

“This seminar is very well presented by a down-to-earth gentleman. I was very impressed with his skills in communication and teaching them. I have learnt a lot form today.”

Dr Manish Shah, NSW

“The improvements resulting from Mark’s visit to my practice represent the best value for money that I have encountered in over forty years in private practice.”

Dr Warren Crowther, QLD

“The two days Mark was with us was enlightening and entertaining. The ideas Mark suggested that we implement were relatively simple and very productive. Our investment in Mark was recouped within a week or two at most. Our days are more productive and less stressful. My fatigue levels have reduced and we are having more fun at work as a team.”

Dr Craig Newman, NSW

“I’d estimate my personal production has increased around 25% since making that change. But even better, I found my stress levels have decreased significantly.”

Dr Dinesh Singham, QLD

“After first meeting Mark, I decided to actually implement what he suggested. Within 3 months my production had increased 30%, and this was not through the introduction of new procedures or increased work hours, but through efficient delivery of the dentistry I already did. Mark says it over and over, but truly, I feel better at the end of days now than when I was producing 30% less.”

Dr Andrew Thorpe, QLD

“Dr Hassed spoke about how to reduce stress and increase profitability, while still maintaining a high, consistant quality of work. It’s a great refresher for any practice and after hearing Dr Hassed speak you will return to work energised, and full of new ideas. We would highly recommend Dr Hassed to come and speak to dentists and staff. There is something for everyone in Dr Hassed’s presentation.”

Dr Damian Briggs, QLD

“Mark’s easy style in presenting these insights focuses on the systems in place within your practice that allow your dentistry to be predictable from the first contact on the phone to the establishment of your patient as dentally rejuvenated and on the recall system, happy and secure with their newfound oral health team. There are take home messages for the whole practice in this presentation, from the Dentist through the admin. staff and clinical staff, so bring the whole team and their notebooks along for a “game changing” day with Dr Mark Hassed.”

Dr Jeff Mount, TAS

“It was good to learn how to efficiently present cases without confusing or overloading the patient with too much information.”

Dr Bruno Muller, QLD

“Came to know how a complex thing can be made simple. Would recommend to everyone.”

Dr Mitul Shah, QLD

“Great to do in a small more intimate group of people — comfortable opportunity to ask questions. Good systematic approach for treatment presentation.”

Dr Reina Yang, QLD

“Thank you for holding this in Brisbane. Loved every moment of it. Have been to other programs and this is so much more practical. Thank you!”

Dr Angela Yang, QLD

“Simple, comprehensive but easy to follow.”

Dr Ken Chen, QLD

“Great, well-presented seminar, with lots of useful ideas on how to effectively communicate with patients. Thank you for taking time to explain things so well.”

Dr Tatiana Tkatchenko, QLD

“Mark’s structured and systematic approach to treatment planning and case presentation really does simplify the process. I also like the simplistic explanations he has for dental treatment.”

Dr Philip Jacobs, QLD

“Mark has a unique way of simplifying concepts that help you and your practice run smoother and more efficiently. Hearing him speak was a fantastic opportunity to learn from someone who can ‘talk the talk and walk the walk’. His experience and knowledge is simply priceless and well worth learning from.”

Dr Serena Tan, ACT

The “situation-compromise-ideal-close-caveats” system to explain the case to patients helps to simplify dentistry to both dentists and patients.”

Dr Johnny Chan, NSW

“Clear process. Less stress.”

Dr Patricia Mullaney, NSW

“Broke it down to a very simple method.”

Dr Kerry Chen, VIC

“Great communication protocols that can be easily implemented into daily practice. Many simple messages that would otherwise not be considered.”

Dr Gilbert Chen, QLD

“Thank you for helping figure out a way to communicate treatment options to my patients in an easy, efficient and ethical way.”

Dr Tasnia Mouna, QLD

“Mark’s course is great for any dentist who is struggling to get the patient case acceptance that he or she deserves. A dentist himself, Mark knows the struggles that dentists undergo and presents the seminar in an easy-to-follow manner.”

Dr Elwyn Heah, QLD

“Mark is very approachable, happily answering all my questions. His techniques make me feel much more relaxed presenting cases to patients in a systematic way. I would definitely recommend his courses.”

Dr Hien Truong, QLD

“Great. Felt information was immediately applicable. Clear explanations.”

Dr Henry Wu, QLD

“Dr Hassed really simplifies the explanation and presentation of treatment plans to the patient in a way that adds value and gives the big picture view. Wish I had done this years ago!”

Dr Howard Yean, NSW

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