Dr Mark Hassed

I was participating in a chat group recently and a dentist was complaining that letter box drops don't work.

That was news to me.

I built my last practice using letter box drops and found them to be the most consistently reliable and cost effective from of marketing.

You measure the effectiveness of dental marketing by what it costs you to generate a new patient. I had done the sums and letter box drops clearly outperformed local newspapers, yellow pages and internet.

I think what the dentist on the chat line was actually saying was: “I didn't bother to learn the secrets of success for letter box drops.”

Letter box drops are amazing effective if done well. But, they are amazingly ineffective if done badly.

If you intend to do them make sure you learn how to do them well. It took me 2 years of trial and error to uncover all the secrets but once I did that I found they work like clockwork.

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