Dr Mark HassedWhen the economy is flat and people are not spending money on dentistry then the tendency is to panic and start desperately reaching out to attract new patients.

There is, however, a different way to ride comfortably through recessions without needing vast numbers of new patients. That way is to get more out of each of the new patients that you attract. You achieve this by doing comprehensive examinations, full-mouth diagnosis, thorough treatment planning and having clear, concise treatment discussions.

In short, you put each new patient through a compelling new patient experience.

That's how you raise yourself from a practice where an average new patient is worth $500 of revenue to a practice where a new patient is worth $3,000 or even more.

If you want to push your practice to the next level then look long and hard at how you examine new patients. Are you getting rapport at the outset? Are you gathering a full set of diagnostic records? Are you thinking through the treatment options? Are you laying those options out in a way that the patient finds compelling?

Improving how you look after new patient will bear big and immediate dividends.

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