Dr Mark HassedI see this happen time and time again.

A dentist tells a patient that they need a root filling to save a tooth. The patient asks a simple question: “What's a root filling?”

Next thing, the patient gets a 10-minute lesson on all the technicalities of how a root filling is done. They get shown a cross-sectional diagram of a tooth. They get shown where the reamer goes and they learn all about the stages in the treatment. They get handed several pages of poorly-written, jargon-laced reading material.

Dentists need to realise this is stupid and unnecessary.

Just because we find the minute details of how a root filling is done fascinating, doesn't mean the patient cares two hoots for it.  In fact they are bored by it.

For every treatment that you perform, you need a simple one or two sentence explanation. I have one for root filling that I have used for years. It takes me less than 20 seconds to say. Once I do, patients nod and say “I see” and are satisfied.

Look at how you are explaining treatment and see if you can simplify.

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