Dr Mark HassedWhen you watch a master dentist at work everything happens so effortlessly. Procedures just fly by and it seems like the dentist is hardly doing any work at all. It appears as if the dentist no sooner starts a job than he's finished with it.

Yet, when you add up the day sheet at the end of the day, the financial result is spectacular.

How does this happen?

The simple answer is that it's all in the planning. Master dentists can work as they do because they have thought through every detail and laid out the procedures so that they can be done at maximum pace with minimum stress.

I've been in an office where it took 16 minutes just to set up for a root filling. I've also been in offices where the setup time was less than 20 seconds. I've been in offices where the burs were in a pile in a drawer behind me. I've also been in offices where I never had to touch a bur because the nurses put them in the hand piece just before I needed them.

I'm sure that you get the idea — a bit of planning will save you hours of lost, unproductive time.

If you'd like help with getting your systems in order please give me a call.

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