Dr Mark HassedMost dentists (including me) are introverts. We would walk a hundred miles to avoid a confrontation. One of the things that this often brings us undone is when quoting the fee to patients.

Time and again I've coached dentists to look the patient straight in the eyes as they say “The type of crown that you need there is $1,600.” Most are unable to do that. They get the rest of the treatment consultation right but then fail to say the fee. Because of this the patient can't make a decision and goes home to “think about it”.

Difficulty in saying the fee is something that you must get over. If you ever want to reach your full potential as a dentist you must be able to look a patient confidently in the eye and say “To complete your case it will cost $24,000”.

Patients judge the fairness of your fee based on many factors but the biggest one is how comfortable and sincere you are when you say the fee. If you are skittish and nervous, or, even worse, don't even say the fee then they will perceive your prices as unfair.

If you'd like the secret to effortlessly presenting the fee to patients then please get in touch.

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