Curly suction

If there were a simple, cheap device that could make dentistry easier and quicker you'd want to know about it, right?

Well here it is!

These little suction things only cost 10 cents each and are absolutely brilliant. They fit under the chin, go up over the bottom lip and into the mouth retracting the tongue.

Because they have wire inside they can be shaped to fit the patient. The curly bit can be extended to retract larger tongues. Using one of these devices and a cotton role it's almost always possible to keep lower back teeth clear and dry.

Here's when I use these great little devices:

  • Whenever I do fillings on a lower back teeth.
  • Keeping the tongue out of the way while syringing impression material.
  • During crown cementation.
  • When doing sealants (especially useful because it is often not possible to place rubber dam.
  • As a third hand just to retract the tongue.

The excellent items come in bags of 500 which only cost $50 or thereabouts.

Highly recommended!

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