The English language evolves and new words and expressions appear all the time. There's one that has come into use recently and I wish it would die. Immediately.

It's meaningless, patronising and annoying. It certainly has no place in a dental office.

“Too easy!”

You order a coffee and the person behind the counter cheerily says “Too easy!” You want to get a new battery in your watch and the jeweller says “Too easy!”

Now it's even entered dental offices. I've heard young dentists say to patients that cleanings, whitening and even crowns are “Too easy!”

I've got news for them.

I spent 5 years of tertiary education learning my skills. Since then I've spent countless hours of CPD and practice refining and improving what I do.

Nothing I do is “Too easy!”. Nothing. It's all the product of training, thought and practice.

Recently I extracted an upper molar.

With judicious and skilled use of an elevator I was able to get the tooth out in one piece in less than a minute.

When I was done the patient said: “That was easy!”

Instantly I stopped, looked the patient straight in the aye and said: “No that wasn't easy. I just made it look easy.”

Let's leave the expression “Too easy!” to baristas and get it out of dental offices once and for all.

When you're a trained professional it makes no sense at all to depreciate what you do.

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