Dr Mark Hassed

Have you ever noticed how good restaurant wait staff do their jobs quietly, unobtrusively and with a minimum of noise and fuss?

And, bad wait staff bang and clatter and ask silly questions and generally disrupt your dining experience.

Well, I just noticed recently how that applies to dental nurses.

A practice I visit has 2 extremely expeienced nurses. One does her job in the first way. One does her job in the second way.

For example when I am consulting with a patient and discussing treatment options the first nurse is quiet. The second nurse rips open bags, clatters instruments, types on the keyboard like a jack hammer and opens and closes drawers.

When I am doing a filling the first nurse places the suction and only moves it as needed. The second nurse is constantly moving, suctioning here and suctioning there.

And so on…

The net result is that after working with the first nurse for a day I am fresh and relaxed. After a day with the second nurse I am tired and irritable.

The bottom line is this. Your nurses need to know that what they do is important but also it is vital how they do it.

If you are to be at maximum effectiveness, day in day out, they need to carry out their duties in a quiet, serene and unobtrusive manner.

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