The art of efficient dentistry

Learn how to deliver quality treatment to patients in a way that's simple, quick, efficient and stress-free.

Melbourne 17 March 2018

A seminar for dentists and their teams.

Registration cost for each dentist includes two team members (non-dentists).

Why do some dentists work effortlessly while others struggle and end the day exhausted?

How can some dentists be 100% to 200% more efficient than the average, while at the same time maintaining high quality?

What are the materials, team, systems and attitudes you need to achieve this?

Being efficient with delivery of treatment makes an amazing difference to your practice and your life. You get to practice dentistry with a relaxed ease and an economy of effort while at the same time producing outstanding financial and clinical results. I've spent decades studying and simplifying the art of efficient dentistry. Please let me show you the secrets.

Dr Mark Hassed

The Relaxed Dentist

Here are just some of the things you'll learn:

  • The three key things to look for in dental materials.
  • The correct number of instruments to use for routine restorative dentistry.
  • Why working efficiently is actually less stressful than working slowly.
  • Which equipment pays for itself (and which costs you money).
  • Instant set-up and why it’s vital for your productivity.
  • Easily preventable errors that annoy patients and waste your time.
  • How to tell how effective your team is.
  • Two simple things you can do to make your crown work better.
  • 15 common efficiency errors and how to avoid them.
  • How many team members you need to work with maximum efficiency.
  • Dental photography made easy.
  • 7 key concepts to make the dentist far more productive.
  • How to run effective and productive staff meetings.
  • Which things to delegate and which to do yourself.
  • Everything you need to know about 6-handed dentistry.
  • How many burs you need and why having too many slows you down.
  • How to create an effective practice manual.
  • Training new team members to make them productive ASAP.
  • Problem solving in the dental office.
  • The 30-minute crown prep.
  • And much more…

Definitely the best CPD I've attended for years.

Dr Jeevan Sivalingam

I can honestly say that it's the best money I've spent on CPD (and I have been to many, many courses). Easy to follow. Considering the potential in the clinic, best value for money course for sure.

Dr Anita Kouba

Wish I had done this years ago.

Dr Howard Yean

I'd heard rave reviews about the course and it exceeded all my expectations. Thank you so very much for my best CPD yet.

Dr Danii Harvey

Great seminar! Would highly recommend otters colleagues to attend.

Dr Kaveri Kariappa

This course will completely revolutionise how I practice. Every second has been carefully planned and every word weighted. Thank you.

Dr Ruairidh McBride

Mark is fantastic! Straight forward ethical comprehensive way to get treatment acceptance.

Dr Manual Bautista

For me Mark’s system is sensible and doable. It’s so much easier to implement than other things I have tried.

Dr Andrea Lakeland

Mark is a clear deliberate thinker with a gift for simplifying what’s important in practice.

Dr Brett Taylor

Have you ever had any of these problems?

  • Running late.
  • Feeling under stress in the office.
  • Having to deal with the same problems over and over.
  • Taking far too long with simple procedures.
  • Feeling burnt out.
  • Not having enough hours in the day.
  • Staying back after hours or through your lunch break to finish off work.
  • Making preventable errors that upset patients.

If so this seminar is ideal for you.

Melbourne 17 March 2018








Registration begins 8.30am. Seminar starts promptly at 9.00am. Seminar concludes at 5.00pm.

Cancellation policy: More than one month notice - full refund, less $100 administration fee. More than two weeks notice - 50% refund. Two weeks or less notice - no refund. Registration may be transferred to another attendee at any time.

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