Dr Mark HassedThe brilliant humorist who writes and draws the oatmeal, Matthew Inman, points out that the rules of selling have changed. People are no longer prepared to put up with pushiness.

Years ago, I recall attending dental practice management seminars where they taught a whole series of smart “closes” and ways of overcoming objections from dental patients.

Instead of being a trusted health care adviser you became like a desperate door-to-door salesman.

That won't fly any more (if it ever did). The new rule is that there is no selling in healthcare.

In fact, I would say that, today, the pushier and more cunning you become with your case presentations, the lower your chances of making the sale.

Forget about overcoming objections or smart closes. Just give your patients simple, unbiased, factual information and watch your success rate go up. Or, as Matthew Inman points out, be sincere, helpful and knowledgable not pushy, deceptive and desperate.

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