Dr Mark HassedLife is too short to spend it chasing up team members to make sure they've done tasks correctly.

In the past 12 months I've worked in 2 very different offices.

In the good one I say what was done and it is entered correctly every time. For example I say “45 DO” and that's what goes into the chart and is billed along with proper notes as to the LA, material used etc.

In the hopeless one I say “36 MO with the MB cusp” and mistakes are made. Firstly, saying it once is not enough. I usually have to repeat myself 2 or 3 times.

Then, maybe it is credited to the wrong provider. Maybe it is charted as 36 DO. Maybe the cusp coverage is left off. Maybe the notes are forgotten. The list of stupid, careless mistakes is endless. Because of this I have to spend an extra 30 minutes a day checking and double checking everything the hopeless team does.

Tiring. Annoying. Unnecessary.

Team members need to be trained to work accurately and listen to everything you say. They need to have checklists for tasks so that they do not make mistakes. You cannot afford to spend your valuable time catching mistakes.

What amazed me was that the dentist with the hopeless team seemed to accept the atrocious level of performance as if it was unavaoidable.

If he ever does proper team training and they learn to work accurately he will be amazed at how much better life becomes.

It will be like stopping banging his head against a brick wall.

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