Dr Mark HassedDentists can reduce their fatigue at the end of the day if their team is trained to listen to everything that they say.

For example. At the end of the appointment a dentist might say to the patient: “Next time we'll do the fillings on the lower right and you'll be here for 60 minutes.”

If the team member who is with the dentist hears and remembers that then nothing more need be said by the dentist. That information (fillings, lower right, 60 minutes) gets transferred to the front desk and an appropriate appointment is made.

But if the team member is not listening then the dentist needs to repeat that information again to the team member or the front desk person or both.

Having to say the same thing over and over is an unnecessary frustration.

Does your team listen and remember everything that you say?

The relaxed dentistThe Art of Case Acceptance and The Art of Efficient Dentistry.

In 2016 I will be presenting these two exciting topics in a one day seminar. Case Acceptance is my flagship seminar and has received rave reviews from attendees. Now I will be adding on the same program Efficient Dentistry — learn how to increase your productivity while simultaneously reducing your effort and stress.

Dates for 2016 will be announced this month.

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