Dr Mark Hassed

You'd think that looking after the safety of staff and dentist would be easy, yet it's an area where even well-run practices often fall down.

The main hazardous procedure in a dental office is dealing with sharps. In particular syringes and scalpels.

In many practices they make the dentist handle the sharps so that it prevents a nurse suing them for a needle stick injury or scalpel cut.

I have a huge problem with that. I don't want a needle stick injury any more than a nurse does.

Wouldn't it just be easier to use a safe system and then everyone is protected?

With the Septodont system pictured you never recap needles and it is possible to handle them in a 100% safe way.

With scalpels throw your old handles and disposable blades in the bin. Placing and removing blades is dangerous. I know 2 nurses who seriously injured themselves doing that. Instead buy disposable scalpels where the whole thing, handle and all, goes in the sharps container.

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