Dr Mark HassedIt totally amazes me that air turbine hand pieces are still used in dentistry now that we have electric motors and speed increasing hand pieces.

Many companies make 5 for 1 speed increasing hand pieces. In conjunction with an electric motor running at 50,000 rpm it produces a speed of 250,000 rpm.

What are the advantages over an air turbine?

  • Unlimited torque – The revs don't drop the moment you touch the tooth.
  • Smoother
  • Quieter

When you cut a crown prep you will really notice the difference. You can cut consistently and smoothly without the constant backing off that is needed with an air turbine. If you need to prepare an access cavity through an old crown you will be delighted. An air turbine stalls constantly when cutting non precious metal. The red band never stalls.

Many leading edge dental practices no longer even have air turbines installed. Try this idea and I bet you'll never go back. In Europe “turbineless” dental practices are common.

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