Dr Mark HassedIt's amazing how quickly some salespeople inspire trust in their customers while others are plain, downright annoying.

Why is that?

In my seminar, The Art of Case Acceptance, I cover 16 factors that build rapport and six mistakes that can destroy it.

Today I'd like to share with you an extremely valuable skill that you can use to build rapport — reflective listening. It involves repeating back to the patient what they have just said in different words. For example:

Patient: “The tooth hurts when I have something hot.”

Dentist: “So, every time you have a cup of tea it sends you through the roof?”

A simple exchange like that demonstrates to the patient that you are listening and attempting earnestly to understand their problems. It gives them the opportunity to confirm or deny your understanding. It makes the patient feel heard.

Obviously, you don't overdo it. Once or twice at the start of appointments is enough. But, try it out. It works fantastically well.

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