Dr Mark HassedAs mentioned over the past two weeks, in the past year I've worked in 2 practices that were like night and day.

In one the work was pleasant, enjoyable and productive. In the other the work was miserable, stressful and unproductive. The reason was the staff. In this article and the previous two I reveal the reasons why.

Desirable staff attribute #3: Intelligence

In the great office the staff lifted burdens off the dentist. They freed the dentist up to focus on just doing dentistry by (as examples) managing referrals, getting forms filled in fully, chasing up lab work and filling in lab sheets. The dentist's time was thus spent just doing the things only they can do — treating patients. No administrative burdens fell on the dentist.

In the hopeless office the dentist constantly had to do non-dental things. The staff never checked to see if new patient forms were filled in so they often came into the surgery unsigned. They did not fill in the “tick and flick” referral pads. They did not fill in lab sheets. They never checked their own work so the dentist had to inspect everything constantly and catch mistakes.

How does your staff rate on the “intelligence scale”. If they are not high then work on it!

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