Dr Mark HassedAs mentioned last week, in the past year I've worked in 2 practices that were like night and day.

In one the work was pleasant, enjoyable and productive. In the other the work was miserable, stressful and unproductive. The reason was the staff. In this article and the next one I will reveal the reasons why.

Desirable staff attribute #2: Attentiveness

In the great office the staff watched the dentists and responded immediately to their needs. Sometimes the staff even had things ready before the dentist knew that they needed it. They never left the room mid procedure and were always ready on time to get the next patient in.

In the hopeless office the dentist constantly had to tell the staff what to do. The staff just did the minimum to get by and then sat slack-jawed, waiting to be told what to do next. The staff often disappeared mid procedure and had to be hunted down. They had to be reminded when the next patient had arrived and to the dentist it felt like they were dragging everyone along behind them.

How does your staff rate on the “attentiveness scale”. If they are not high then work on it! Next week, part 3.

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