Dr Mark HassedIn the past year I've worked in 2 practices that were like night and day.

In one the work was pleasant, enjoyable and productive. In the other the work was miserable, stressful and unproductive. The reason was the staff. In this article and the next two I will reveal the reasons why.

Desirable staff attribute #1: Teamwork

In the great office the staff all helped each other seamlessly. When someone was snowed under, the others helped out. No one had to be asked and no one said “That's not my job.” If something needed doing they all pitched in. They understood that their job was to do whatever was needed to keep the dentist working.

In the hopeless office no one helped anyone. Time and again the nurse in the surgery would be totally snowed under while nurses would be standing around chatting in the steri area. Even when asked directly to help out they always had an excuse as to why they couldn't.

How do your nurses rate on the “teamwork scale”. If they are not high then work on it! Next week, part 2.

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