The art of case acceptance (audio)



Having great clinical skills is important but the thing that ultimately determines your level of professional and financial success is how well you communicate with patients.

If you don't know what to say and how to say it you find yourself doing a constant round of patch-up dentistry. If you can communicate effectively you regularly get to do comprehensive dentistry on appreciative patients.

In this information-packed, 88-minute audio program Dr Mark Hassed gives you the essential skills you need to know to communicate quickly, easily and effectively with patients.

“Learning how to explain treatment to patients in a way that's quick, simple and effective changes everything.

It’s a skill that breathes new life into your professional career and lifts your practice to its full potential.

I’ve spent decades studying and simplifying case acceptance. Please let me show you the secrets.”

— Dr Mark Hassed

Have you ever been frustrated by

  • patients going home to “think it over”?
  • patients choosing the patch-up option?
  • your inability to get your message across?
  • taking too long in treatment consultations?
  • the stress of discussing finances with patients?
  • seldom getting to do your best and finest work?
  • patients who just don't understand the need for treatment?


  • How to get patients to want the treatment they need.
  • How to get instant rapport.
  • The six features of good communication in the dental office.
  • The essential steps to prepare for a treatment discussion.
  • How and when to tell patients about the severity of their problems.
  • How long a treatment consultation should take.
  • How to successfully present BIG treatment plans without stress.
  • When and how to discuss money.
  • Why longer isn't better when it comes to treatment discussions.
  • How much technical detail to discuss with patients.
  • How many treatment options to present.
  • The correct way to present treatment options.
  • What you must know about “informed consent”.
  • Seven “communication killers” to avoid.
  • And much more…

Audio program running time 88 minutes.
Program delivered as downloadable mp3 files.
The program is broken into 3 parts for easier downloading.

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88 minutes


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