Dr Mark HassedAs I go on I find that there is 1 thing that I value above all else – predictability.

I like procedures where I can envisage the end point and know how long it will take to get there. I also like to know that when I reach the end point there will be no follow up required.

For me that is crowns. For me it is not dentures, kids, ortho or molar endo. The reason I say “for me” is that I like crowns and have put in the hours to be able to do them like clockwork. Others have done the same with dentures and implants. Still others have put in the time to master molar endo.

I reckon picking what you are good at and focussing on it is the essence of successful practice. Or, to put that another way, not doing the things you suck at will save you a heap of heartache.

The only proviso is that you must be honest about your strengths and weaknesses.

I work occasionally as a locum and I see some practices where the dentist thinks he is good at something but in reality he sucks at it.

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