Dr Mark HassedA “simple” job that is very hard to do well is polishing stains off teeth.

The traditional way requires a rubber cup or brush and prophy paste. It takes a long time to do well and the fine stain between teeth cannot be removed fully even with much effort. Is there a solution?

I would suggest using a Prophy Jet. It polishes with a fine stream of air, water and baking soda. It brushes stains away quickly and with little effort and even gets rid of the difficult stains between teeth. Until you use one you will not believe how fast and effective it is.

There is a problem — it is messy. So, you need to give the patient a warm, moist towel to clean up with afterwards. Also don't direct the jet onto soft tissues — it will abrade them.

Give a Prophy Jet a try. I think you will love the ease and the results.

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