Dr Mark HassedMany dentists are such perfectionists. They think that if all their patients don't accept their best and finest treatment then they have failed. Or, maybe they did something wrong. Of course that is not true.

Patients fail to accept treatment for many reasons but the two most common ones are they don't have the money and they don't value their teeth sufficiently. Neither of these things are within the control of the dentist.

Your job as a dentist is to show patients their options but ultimately it is the patient who gets to pick which option and how soon they get it done.

But, even if they don't get the ideal treatment done on the first occasion you have planted a seed for the future. Patients often need to hear the message a few times before they decide to go for indirect restorative work instead of patches.

Over the years I've had so many patients who've “graduated” from patchwork to more permanent dentistry after the second or third broken tooth.

The Art of Case Acceptance and The Art of Efficient Dentistry.

My seminar program for the second half of 2016 has been completed and here it is. I'd love to welcome you to one of my seminars in 2016.

If you are in Hobart, Auckland, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin or anywhere else and would like to hear my seminars here's how you can make it happen.

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