People love to buy. They hate to be sold. (part 2)

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Dr Mark HassedLast week I discussed the perils of making recommendations to patients. How it can put their trust and your relationship with them at risk.

But, if you don’t make recommendations how do you get them to accept treatment?


You offer alternatives. You give them choices. People love choices!

Instead of recommending a course of treatment you give them their options in a fair manner and let them pick.

Place yourself in the position of being the patient’s trusted dental advisor.

That lets them buy without being sold.

Something that I’ve discovered about this over years of experience is this — the less you press, the more likely they are to pick the best option. Conversely, the more you press, the more likely they are to go home to “think about it”.

Bottom line is, give options, take the pressure off and watch your case acceptance soar.

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