Dr Mark HassedOften, when I watch dentists present treatment options to patients, they spend ages describing  how they will do the procedure and all the technical difficulties that they will have to overcome. They draw pictures of cross-sections of teeth, showing where the instruments go and so on.

For a tiny percentage of patients this might be interesting but for the vast majority a detailed technical explanation is confusing and very off-putting.

I contend that many dentists give their patients lots of superfluous information. The analogy I give is the plastic surgeon. If you consulted one I don't think it would be useful to know where they were going to cut and the vessels and nerves they were going to have to avoid. You'd trust that they were competent and going to do their job well.

The same applies to dentistry.

I say be like a duck. A planned procedure may require lots of furious paddling under the water but your patients don't need to know about it.

If you need help with simplifying your case presentation then give me a call. I have a system that eliminates extraneous details while at the same time covering off on informed consent perfectly.

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