No dumping allowed!

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Dr Mark Hassed

In many practice I observe dumping.

Dumping is where a problem occurs and and the team member who notices the problem immediately dumps it onto the dentist.

“Mrs Jones wasn’t happy with the filling.”

“Mr Smith says that he’s not paying his account.”

“The printer doesn’t work.”

The problem with dumping is that it gives the dentist a huge kick in the head and then leaves him in a weakened state trying to deal with a list of patients.

In competitive sports, dumping would be like demoralising your most valuable player with some bad news and then sending him out onto the field.

Therefore I have 3 rules to prevent dumping.

  1. Never tell the dentist ¬†about trivial problems. He doesn’t need to know that the printer is broken – just deal with it.
  2. Never tell the dentist about a problem without also suggesting at least 2 good solutions to the problem.
  3. Never tell the dentist about a problem when they are in the midst of treating patients.

Make your office a dumping free zone.

2 thoughts on “No dumping allowed!

    davidmoffet said:
    February 6, 2013 at 5:23 am

    Amazing how common this is. Dumping is often used by team members to transfer a problem to someone else, rather than solve it.
    We made a guideline, that whoever “took” the problem, it was their duty to follow it through to make sure the problem was satisfactorily solved, even though they themselves may not have had the ability to do the solving directly.
    This “ownership” process, and accountability, dramatically improved our problem resolution stats!

    Dr Mark Hassed responded:
    February 6, 2013 at 7:45 am

    Thanks David. Excellent contribution.

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