Dr Mark HassedA hazard we face in dentistry is needle stick. Whenever it happens it's a huge bummer.

One of my all-time favourite products is the Septodont Safety Plus XL syringe system. Personally, I would not practice dentistry without it.

What it does is eliminate recapping of syringes and thereby gets rid of the risk of needle stick. Instead of recapping, the syringe is made safe by a plastic sheath that slides up and over the needle. The syringe can then be tossed on the instrument tray and disposed of with 100% safety. Why this excellent device is not compulsory baffles me.

When they try it for the first time many dentists reject not because it does not have the weight of a metal syringe. I say that light is good. You don't use a syringe to drive in nails. You use it with delicacy and precision.

Disclosure: I get no financial benefit whatsoever from this product. The only reason I recommend it is because it's a great product.

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