Dentist explainingPlease excuse me if this article sounds self-serving. It's the start of a new year and I'm allowed to speak my mind.

If any dentist asked me for the best way to enhance their practice then, without hesitation, I would reply: “Improve your communication skills!”

Even in our tough economic climate there are still dentists whose practices are thriving. They share one trait — they are good communicators. It is not their skill with fillings, crowns, implants, TMJ, ortho or endo (although those skills help), it is how well their patients understand the need for treatment.

A recent attendee at my seminar told me that they increased the number of crowns they did last year by 71% by listening to my audio program on communication. Another attendee told me that they sold a $60,000 case in 5 minutes just by learning when to shut up.

In 2015 by all means keep attending seminars to learn new treatment techniques. But be certain to add a seminar on communication seminar to the mix. You won't regret it!

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