Dr Mark HassedLast week I mentioned about the problems of under-performing dentists. Here's another of their commonalities.

Under-performing dentists often speak prior to thinking things through.

Let's say a patient has come in with a problem, perhaps a toothache. The correct sequence is to reach a precise diagnosis, work out the treatment options and then, when the situation is crystal clear in your mind, discuss things with the patient.

All too often, under-performing dentists start a rambling discussion prior to reaching a diagnosis. They go through the things the pain might be and what you would do in each case should it turn out to be that.

As a result, they waste a lot of time and confuse and perhaps even annoy the patient.

The patient did not come to you for a discussion of what their problem might be. They came to find out what their problem really is and to get it fixed.

So, my advice to the under-performing dentists is “Keep your mouth shut until you have the diagnosis and treatment options crystal clear in your own head.”

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