Dr Mark HassedAs I mentioned last week and the week before, recently I bought a car from a dealer that was 25 minutes from my home. I could have bought the exact same car from a dealer 10 minutes from home but the salesman there was so annoying that I drove the extra distance.

What mistakes did the salesman make and is this relevant to dentistry? The answers are three and yes!

Mistake #3 — Pressure

When the inept salesman saw that I was losing interest he responded in exactly the wrong way. He applied pressure and tried to push me into the sale.

As I drifted towards the door he asked “When will you be making a decision?” and “What do I have to do to get your business today?”

This was completely the wrong thing to do. As the customer I was not in a position to decide because he had failed at informing me of my options. And, I did not like him at this stage because he had been disinterested when I walked in. So, pressure was the nail in the coffin.

Do you ever apply pressure to patients to get a decision? If so, please rethink. Pressure is 100% counter-productive in healthcare.

I hope that you have enjoyed this series.

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