Dr Mark HassedAs I mentioned last week, recently I bought a car from a dealer that was 25 minutes from my home. I could have bought the exact same car from a dealer 10 minutes from home but the salesman there was so annoying that I drove the extra distance.

What mistakes did the salesman make and is this relevant to dentistry? The answers are three and yes!

Mistake #2 — Poor explanation

In order to make a decision I needed to know the essential difference between two different models that I was considering. I needed a clear, succinct summary of the pros and cons of each option.

With the poor salesman getting that information was like getting blood from a stone. I had to ask question after question and even then his explanations were so poor that I still did not understand the different options.

Are you able to briefly and clearly explain the pros and cons of say a bridge versus an implant? Are your explanations in plain english and free from jargon? At the end of an explanation does the patient nod and understand or do they still look confused?

Next week — Mistake #3.

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